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As a prominent golf course architect, QGD is uniquely positioned for successful golf course design and development in Asia and Middle East.

Golf Course Architect in Asia and Middle East
Golf Course Architect in Asia and Middle East

Turnkey Solutions

We offer unique turnkey solutions, from government licensing to concept/design, construction oversight, management, AND training Vietnamese staff.

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Computer Assisted Design (CAD)

We work directly in CAD so work and adjustments during the design and construction process are extremely fast. Most golf designers work on paper and send work out to be put into CAD.


Asia Based

We are based in Thailand and will be opening office in Hanoi soon. We are always available in the same time zone and can be onsite within hours if meeting are required or problems arise.

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Land planning and civil engineering

We have expertise in land planning and civil engineering, facilitating effective communication with consultants. We excel in producing ‘land use’ plans for government permissions.


Government Liaison

With our extensive experience, we have a remarkable track record of delivering compelling presentations that consistently secure government approvals.

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International golf design/build presence

We’ve built 130+ golf courses, managing design for numerous projects with exceptional expertise, ensuring remarkable success and satisfaction.


Vast Experience

We have worked with many of the top designers in the world and have learned many different design styles so I can design on any site.

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Golf course builder of the year

We were named Golf Course Builder of the Year in the USA and owned a golf construction company of over 300 employees. 4th largest golf construction company in America.


Industry leader and technical expert

We served 8 yrs on Golf Course Builders Assoc. Board, chaired the committee drafting endorsed Golf Construction General Conditions for American Society of Golf Course Architects.

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Renown Golf design and construction expert

We’re frequently invited to speak, writing, and arbitrating on golf design and construction matters worldwide, utilizing our extensive expertise.

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