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“Stepping onto a site for the first time never fails to elicit memories of past courses, ghosts of the great designers, anticipation of a new adventure, and the challenges of planning, personalities, rock, rain, and wind.

It is a tenet that the reward is a job well done, however there is undeniable satisfaction in having a hand in the creation and in the enjoyment that it will bring to players and onlookers alike.

In truth for me, to know a passion, to experience a passion like this; that is truly the reward”

– Sam Sakocius, Golf Course Architect

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Qualitas Project Control serves as the mothership of our consulting entities, namely Align, Qualitas Golf Design, Omnigolf EZ, and Dragon Rock LLC. It was established with the aim of integrating and aligning these services into a cohesive unit. By operating under a single entity, we are able to provide clients with “right size” services tailored to their specific needs, eliminating the need for costly extra layers. Whether clients require a comprehensive plan, design, build, and management project or simply need to fill in the gaps within an established development company, QPC ensures a perfect fit. Furthermore, as a multinational company, Qualitas Project Control acts as the central hub for both international and USA domestic transactions, seamlessly facilitating business dealings between countries.


Dragon Rock’s mission is to represent Non-Asian Companies who wish to establish a presence in Asia without the expense, stress and steep learning curve that executive relocations bring. Dragon Rock works synergistic-ally with PCI to provide the best in customized, elite Golf Development Consulting Services, Personalized Representation and Effective Branding Initiatives in SE Asia. Draon Rock is also the production entity for the TV Show, “Breaking Ground”, a golf-related Asian Travel Show about building Golf Courses in exotic SE Asian Locales.

Qualitas Project Control – Our Golf Entertainment Zone (OMNIGOLF EZ), product is a bespoke, fun and exciting new way to enjoy golf and so much more! The combinations and possibilities are endless. Supported by a solid technological, engineered, and architectural base, every single EZ has its own personality, nurtured from an idea, raised with passion, and breathtakingly launched. We ideate, create, design and oversee buildout of Golf Entertainment zones. The one stop approach insures maximum cost effectiveness and exacting results.

Project Control International is renowned as a global experts in all aspects of golf development. PCI specializes in the technical aspects of golf functionality, design quality and feasibility, efficiency, and technical soundness over the course of planning, design, and implementation. PIC based in SE ASIA enabling rapid response time to any issues as they arise.