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Turnkey solutions for golf design in Asia and the Middle East, bringing your vision to life with our golf course design/build services.

Concept and Ideation

With years of working with some of the world’s best and most innovative golf designers and land planners, QGD is uniquely positioned to utilize that experience in the creation of new world-class project concepts that have the added security of knowing what works and what doesn’t, ensuring exceptional golf design in Asia and the Middle East.

Government presentation

Through QGD’s vast experience working with government agencies around the world, rapid CAD production of concepts, short notice availability throughout Asia and the Middle East, we are the ultimate tool to achieve fast efficient approvals.

Cad Design

Having been at the forefront of development of digital terrain modeling for golf at its inception three decades ago and many other technical advances, we now fully design with CAD. We eliminate the inaccuracies and unnecessary time consumption of producing paper plans to be penciled onto tracing paper, scanned and reproduced in digital format then back into paper.  Some projects never even print plans and go from our design to construction 100% digitally.  This not only saves time overall but allows for rapid revisions or extremely fast production of conceptual plans for government initial approvals. 

Project Oversight

Years in construction an project management of over 100 golf projects allows QGD to offer an owner a huge budgetary and quality advantage in that he can hire one firm to design and PM the entire project.  QGD often trains local personnel for construction management positions saving vast sums in travel, housing, etc that would be otherwise required by foreign specialists. 

Project Training

We often train local staff who have some golf experience into competent construction managers and specialists during the project execution.  QGD achieves this through assessment of candidates’ skills, pre-construction training, and careful monitoring and advising especially in the early stages of a project.  Foreign staff are kept to an absolute minimum and participate in the local training. This model is currently having excellent success in SE Asia.

omnigolf entertainment Zones

Born of the need for golf innovation to attract new generations to the game, OMNIGOLF was created to develop golf entertainment zones that open the game to beginners, experienced and even nonplayers. Through the use of food and beverage creations that are customized to local tastes and preferences,  free and paid amenities like fire pit seating, bocce, volleyball, mini football, strategic mini golf and much more, we develop and welcoming atmosphere that is found at traditional golf venues.

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